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The Collection (a lot of pictures: antique clothing and photos)


Costume History 1800-1930 (almost text only)


Underwear 1800-1915 (text but a lot of pictures too)


Parasols (text but a lot of pictures too)


How to preserve antique textiles (text only)


Exhibitions, articles and book about this collection (pictures of the exhibitions)



I noticed that a lot of users of this web site are not Italian, but unfortunately I’m not able to do an English version of the whole website. So I’ll try here to give you some tips that, I hope, will help you to browse the site anyway and to find the pictures you are interested in.

In the “Collezione” (collection) section you can find pictures of original items (clothing and photos) divided by historical period.
To see the clothing click on the years under the time-line to access the period you are interested in.
When you are in the page of the period, click on the pictures of the items for bigger and different images.

I tried to date the items as best as I could, but this does not mean that all the items are dated correctly. If you see items that you think have been mis-dated, please let me know.

Sometimes I didn’t have a dummy with the correct shape for the dress I had to photograph, so in some pictures, dresses are shown non completely closed, or with an incorrect silhouette. I’m sorry.

From the “Collezione” page you can access also to some tips about preservation of antique textiles (consigli di conservazione), but this page is almost text only, so it is not very interesting for non Italian speaking people.

From the page “storia” (History) you can access to a brief costume history (storia della moda) from 1800 to 1930. The only parts here with a lot of interesting images are the ones about underwear (biancheria) from 1800 to 1915, and parasols (ombrellini).

From the page “Mostre” (exhibitions) you can access to pictures of some of the exhibitions in which the items have been shown (click on the posters).





If you have female clothing and accessories, or old photographs, and you’d like to know from which period they are, or you want ask any question you can contact me.



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